Experience a Truck and Tractor Pulling Event In-Person

Treat yourself to a night of heavy-duty diesel hauling

There's something thrilling about watching the highest horsepower trucks in the nation on the track. If you're interested in seeing it for yourself, come to an event hosted by United Truck And Tractor Pullers. Our truck and tractor pulls showcase top-of-the-line machinery driven by some of the nation's best pros.

Are you a new driver interested in joining the sport? We welcome first-timers. Our team will set you up with a sled that's great for getting started, and we'll answer any questions you have along the way.

Visit or participate in our next event and discover a whole new world of motorsports!

Truck and tractor pulling is fun for the whole family

Truck and tractor pulling is fun for the whole family

Diesel vehicle and motorsport fans aren't the only ones who have fun at our events. Our truck pulls are a great time for the whole family. You and your family will enjoy the:

  • Loud and eye-catching trucks and tractors
  • Exhilarating atmosphere among the crowd
  • Chance to meet new, passionate people
  • Delicious food and drink from the concession stands
We pride ourselves on keeping our events safe for all of our guests. Learn more about our events when you get in touch with us today.